Submission Process


  • Seeks films that are entertaining with true to life topics and narratives
  • Film Genres: Comedy, Live Action, Adventure, Drama, Horror & Nondialogue Short Films
  • Socially Impactful Topics: ex; bullying, climate change, self empowerment, politics, current events, relationships, arts/entertainment & sports
  • Finalists will be chosen in each category
  • All movies must be PG or G (Judges will determine if movie is appropriate)
  • Individuals or a maximum of three students can participate on a team
  • Breakdown of video requirements: credits (ending credits), storyline (judges must see a beginning, middle and end to each film), A cast (even if it’s one person)
  • MUST be created, edited and shot ONLY on a cell phone (anything else will be an automatic disqualification) **edit projects on IMOVIE
  • No graphic violence
  • No stand-up comedy or music videos
  • Three rounds of judging & three winners chosen from each genre


Song Builders Competition: For Music Makers & Musicians

  • Seeks video projects that feature your music making process in an engaging way. Be creative & entertaining
  • Record yourself on a mobile device making a beat, track or song (the video can include a visual performance or story telling and MUST include at least 30 seconds of music creation footage)
  • NO MUSIC VIDEOS & NO explicit lyrics
  • Keep visual images PG and G rated
  • Your video should NOT exceed 4 minutes in length
  • You can work with an unlimited participant number, however there can ONLY be one to three main group members
  • Your video and music must be filmed on your mobile device
  • You are CAN NOT pair with a film group and judged solo for the music category
  • Categories include: Original Song & Cover Song
  • Three winners selected from each category