Middle and HS Students Stay Tuned for the 2018 Mobile Movie Makers Competition & Festival


Youth have become the driving force of social innovation and a social media revolution is unfolding right before our eyes. The way in which content is disseminated has changed over the course of the years and the world has reached a historic milestone with seven billion people; 1.8 billion are youth aged 10 to 24.

Why is this important?

This generation is the most interconnected generation and they understand the power of content and more importantly, digital platforms.  The next generations are social entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and digital masters.

Mobile Movie Makers YFC is not just a competition…but a movement!



The Naming by Diallo Thompson


Spy Kids




Briana’s Neighborhood Dare to Dream Foundation presents…Mobile Movie Makers (M3) Youth Film Competition. M3 launched its inaugural Youth Film Competition in 2017 with the goals of nurturing budding young filmmakers and sharing the transformative power of their work, which will be created on their mobile devices. Founded by Sahar Simmons, M3 is committed to entertaining, educating, creating opportunities within digital technology platforms and inspiring youth from diverse backgrounds. We are here to support the future generations of writers, directors, producers, actors and behind the scenes talent tell their stories.


In the midst of an ever changing social climate, our youth have a voice. And every young adult should be given an opportunity to express themselves despite lack of resources and exposure. Competition is healthy because it fuels the imagination and encourages youth to actively dream, which helps them develop skills that set them up for success. The Film/TV industry in the State of Georgia is thriving, yet understaffed. M3’s mission is twofold – to introduce youth to the many career opportunities in the film and television industry, and to provide an outlet for youth to inspire change and empower each other through exciting and thought provoking content. We are ready! Are you?